Ecological footprint

All our products are made of PLA, biosourced and biodegradable bioplastic.

PLA is a bioplastic which has the merit of being both biosourced AND biodegradable . Indeed, plastics of biological origin are often one or the other, but rarely both simultaneously.

PLA is classified among 100% biosourced plastics, being derived from
renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. There
fermentation of starch or sugar, extracted from these same resources
renewable, leads to the production of lactic acid. This last one is
then transformed into a monomer: lactide. It is the polymerization of this which allows the manufacture of PLA.

In a short time, PLA has also become the most used filament for 3D printing ,
due to its biodegradable nature which aligns perfectly with
the trend of three-dimensional printing (production of strict
necessary, on demand, relocated). In addition, the filaments intended for
3D printing are usually made of this plastic due to
its very suitable thermal and mechanical properties .